Who we are

Discern.io enables companies to understand the key revenue drivers in their specific business in order to improve their revenue trajectory with actionable insights.

—William Fahrbach
CFO, CultureIQ


Helen Lin

“No executive or investor can ever dig into data as deeply as they want. Discern.io delivers custom revenue-driven analytics and machine learning in days. We know the answer to “What’s next?” is already in your data. So should you.”

Helen is the Chief Executive Officer of Discern.io, charting the strategic direction and growth of the company and its development.

What I know: Fintech, Private Equity, SaaS, Financial Data, Revenue Optimization.

Who I’ve been: Chief Product Officer, Chief of Staff, Business Development, Strategy Consultant.

What I notice: The data you don’t know about is the data you need most.

What matters to me: Getting the full story that your data has to tell.

Ling Lin

Chief Data Scientist

“Data doesn’t drive me. It delights me. And why just use data when you can command it. At Discern.io, we give you the deepest look at your data from multiple perspectives based on the priorities that matter most: yours.”

Ling is the Chief Data Scientist of Discern.io with responsibility for the development, innovation, and implementation of its proprietary analytics and machine learning platform.

What I know: Data Science, Machine Learning, Fintech, CRM, SaaS.

Who I’ve been: A Data Science Executive, a Product Architect, a CRM Analytics Expert.

What I notice: Not enough companies know how easy machine learning can be.

What matters to me: Finding new ways to use the cosmos of data collected by businesses.

David Cheung

Technical Architect and Advisor

“Data should keep you honest about what happened, but intrigued about what’s possible. It’s exciting to be part of how Discern.io shows users how much more their data can do for them.”

David leads CRM integration and implementation for Discern.io and its emerging platform of products and services.

What I know: CRM systems, Salesforce, Data Visualization, Development, AWS.

Who I’ve been: A Programmer, a Technical Architect.

What I notice: It’s all about “Data In, Data Out”: collecting data and making use of the data wisely.

What matters to me: Helping users see what their data says. Paying it forward by mentoring the next generation engineers.


Kevin Gould

Co-founder & President of IHS Markit (Ticker: INFO)

Daniel Guetta

Director of Columbia’s Data Analytics Initiative,
Professor of Columbia Business School; Palantir, Amazon, MIT, Cambridge

Bill Fahrbach

CFO, Culture IQ, Work Wave, Upland Mobile

Bob DeSantis

President & COO of Conga, CRO IBM Blue Box, Tier3