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Unlock the potential of CRM data analytics to elevate private equity due-diligence and drive portfolio company strategy

Private equity (PE) firms’ investment performance is determined by the revenue growth of portfolio companies. Achieving operational excellence is certainly important but revenue growth is paramount to valuation and exit multiples. PE firms can add enormous value by working with management teams to impact the revenue trajectory. CRM data analytics can help both the PE owner and corporate executives to refine and improve due diligence, value creation and growth strategy.

While financials provide backward-looking performance data of the company, CRM data offers leading indicators and potential opportunities and risks for new and existing revenues. Traditionally reporting and analyzing CRM data have been difficult without a team of analysts, developers, and data engineers. Sponsors and executive teams may be missing out on critical insights hidden in the CRM system that will help them uncover possible drivers of increased growth and detect potential risk factors Monthly financials and quarterly board packages are simply not enough to drive real-time revenue strategy. empowers private equity investors to make smarter investment decisions during the due diligence process and uncover opportunities for strategic growth post-investment, all while providing industry benchmarks on KPIs.’s revenue strategy solution is easy to implement and delivers insights and actionable recommendations that can change a company’s revenue future.

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Enhance Revenue Operations and Go to Market Strategy

Make Smart Investment Decisions with Ease uncovers and validates revenue potential so that your firm can enhance due diligence to more easily make the right investment decisions. By leveraging CRM data analytics, separates risky targets from future winners, so your deal team can build an industry-leading private equity portfolio with ease. In today’s competitive investment environment, quickly identifying future winners is essential to outperforming the competition.

Build the Right Investment Thesis and Value Creation Plan identifies and validates growth projections so that you can create an investment thesis that makes the most sense for your portfolio company. In your 100-day onboarding plans, craft value creation strategies and initiatives that optimize revenues based on data-driven insights and recommendations. Select targeted KPIs and OKRs tailored to your revenue goals that set your portfolio company up for success.

Identify Opportunities for Strategic Growth

During ongoing portfolio company management, empowers operating partners to work alongside portfolio companies to make smart strategic decisions on revenues. Leverage predictive analytics powered by KPI’s metrics such as TAM, segmented win rates, individual sales performance, retention, churn behavior, and more to identify high-ROI, revenue-enhancing strategic initiatives. Use all the available data to find the best strategy for growth.

Benchmark Portfolio Company Performance

By aggregating and normalizing company performance data, can benchmark portfolio company data against your portfolio and across the industry. Measure portfolio companies against peers to identify and unlock missing opportunities that could drive revenue growth.

Increase Limited Partner Confidence is designed to improve portfolio performance and increase fund multiples by identifying targets for future growth and by optimizing revenues for current portfolio companies. By using to make smarter investment decisions, private equity firms can generate more alpha and stand out from the competition through superior performance.

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