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Real-time performance insights designed to improve company operations and valuations.

To successfully execute corporate strategy, executives require a clear, cross-functional view into their company’s performance. However, manually sourcing and aggregating data from multiple systems is prone to inaccuracies and delays, making it impossible to surface real-time insights.

Discern reveals a company’s performance data and produces real-time KPIs, directly calculated from source systems. With a clear picture of team-specific performance, contributing factors, and best practices, C-suite executives are empowered to make smarter decisions, faster.

The Discern Difference

With KPIs automatically calculated from CRM, MAS, ERP, HR, and Engineering systems, executives gain real-time insights into business performance. As a result, they can proactively focus energy on the most important aspects of their business while eliminating inefficiencies associated with manual data management. 

Discern’s B2B SaaS-specific KPIs surface vital trends for each business, enabling accuracy, speed, and confidence around critical operating decisions such as investments, headcount and go-to-market strategy.

Discern surfaces the information that drives your company’s valuation, several layers deep, so that you know about industry best practices, exactly where to invest, focus resources, and mitigate costly trial and error. Drill into the contributing factors for a particular KPI to reveal the exact source of speedbumps.

Tracking company performance against internal goals and metrics only tells part the story. When competing for market share and capital, it is critical to understand where you rank amongst your peers. Discern Benchmarks your company performance against a cohort of peers. ​

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Designed for Change-makers

Growth Investors

Access real-time operational metrics across all portfolio companies and more easily provide timely and targeted growth and management advice to your companies.

Growth Companies

Uncover the metrics and benchmarks needed to more effectively manage performance and efficiently improve valuations.

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