Marketing Analytics & Optimization

Lower customer acquisition costs and increase marketing impact through historical campaign and lead source performance and conversion rate analytics.

Each marketer has a limited budget; as a result it is critical to deploy that budget in a way that maximizes return on spend. Despite investing a significant portion of budget on targeted campaigns, many marketers lack the tools and analytics required to identify the most successful lead source, campaigns, and target market. As a result, marketing ROIs can suffer, ultimately increasing the cost of acquiring new customers.’s Marketing Analytics and Optimization solution delivers an objective analysis of historical marketing performance across various dimensions. By identifying and analyzing historical performance across funnel stages,’s machine-learning engine identifies prospect segments at the contact and account levels most likely to close. Additionally, identifies the lead source and campaigns that generate the most pipeline and bookings, empowering marketing teams to ensure their budget is being spent in the most efficient way and ultimately improving marketing performance across a variety of KPIs.

Furthermore, by comparing cohorted conversion rates across lead sources and campaigns, identifies the highest ROI strategy and tactics. From there, marketers can action campaigns and tactics around hitting their data-backed goals. is the industry’s easiest and fastest CRM data analytics solution—insights are available in days from data access.


  • Track key marketing metrics including: #MQLs, #SALs, #SQLs, conversion rates, lead cycle length, on a cohorted basis
  • Incorporate spend data for cost per lead, opportunity, customer, and bookings analysis
  • Cohort analysis to see how leads and contacts flow through statuses over time
  • Objective and holistic lead scoring
  • Custom machine learning models for each company’s needs

Benefits of Marketing Analytics & Optimization

Optimize Spend 
Know exactly how to spend your marketing budget for campaigns and marketing channels in the way that will reduce CAC and generate the highest ROI.

Justify Budget
Demonstrate marketing results and performance in order to defend and increase budget.

Increase Marketing Impact
By better tracking marketing performance with actionable targeting insights, maximize the impact of marketing efforts on your company’s bottom line.

Marketing analytics

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