Opportunity Scoring & Prioritization

Close more deals each quarter by knowing which opportunities to focus on. Accurately forecast new revenues.

Close more deals each quarter by knowing which opportunities to focus on. Accurately forecast new revenues.

Each account executive, each deal is different. With many opportunities in the pipeline, getting a clear sense of which deal is truly likely to close by the end of a quarter can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Information manually gathered today can be stale tomorrow. How do you get a clear sense of true opportunity status without having to speak to each Salesperson? How do you identify those opportunities that have high potential to close? What about opportunities that are not getting enough attention? Discern.io’s Opportunity Scoring solution can help.

Our Opportunity Scoring module provides you an objective evaluation of the likelihood opportunities will close each quarter. Based on each salesperson’s historical performance, data entry cadence, activity level, and a company’s overall performance with specific customer segments, Discern.io’s machine-learning engine calculates the likelihood for each salesperson to achieve accurate opportunity scoring. Transparent algorithms clearly communicate the reasons behind each opportunity score. Opportunity Scoring highlights opportunities that require more activities to progress to the next stage or to close. Its light-touch implementation requires little involvement from the company and does not require yet another sales tool to be used by account executives.

Discern.io is the industry’s easiest and fastest CRM data analytics solution—insights are available in days. Easily communicate with your board with Discern.io’s data visualization capabilities or work directly in native Excel with our add-in to update opportunity forecasting and budgeting models.


  • Custom machine learning models for each company’s needs
  • Clear explanation of opportunity status reason
  • Focus opportunities for actioning
  • Full opportunity history and activities
  • Outlook and G-Suite integrations

Benefits of Opportunity Scoring & Prioritization

Win more deals
With activity and task transparency, alert and remind AEs to drive more opportunities to win.

Forecast accurately
Improve accuracy of individual and overall opportunity forecasting; know what’s real to close this quarter and why.

Save time
By automatically ingesting email and meeting information, reduce the need to manually enter or sync data to calculate opportunity scores.

Opportunity Scoring

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