Pipeline Modeling

Gain an accurate view into how pipeline scenarios will impact sales results to more confidently plan and execute demand generation and pipeline building efforts.​

Companies often struggle to prioritize marketing and lead generation efforts that will achieve the highest revenue ROI, an especially important decision when budget and resources are limited.

Discern.io’s Pipeline Modeling module helps you achieve the best results from investments in pipeline generation. The solution provides never-before-seen analytical insights from historical CRM and marketing automation data to help you understand marketing performance by lead source, marketing channel, customer segment, and more.

Discern.io will help you identify:

  • Which marketing tactics or campaigns perform the best for your company
  • Which channels yield the highest conversion rates
  • Whether to invest in a larger SDR team or pay for social media advertisements
  • How much budget should be invested to meet sales targets each quarter

These insights are difficult to understand without detailed pipeline analytics and scenario modeling.

By layering artificial intelligence over your historical data, Discern.io identifies how to fill the top of your sales funnel that will deliver the highest ROI.

With insights that continuously improve your performance, Discern.io is the industry’s first revenue strategy and planning platform.

Discern.io Pipeline Modeling Features

  • Performance calculations by lead source, channel, and customer segments
  • Weekly revenue forecasting and projections
  • Scenario modeling and demand generation optimization
  • Resource allocation recommendations for marketing and lead generation

Benefits of Pipeline Modeling

Calculate Accurate Revenue Projections
Accurately estimate quarterly revenue by lead source for realistic expectations.

Maximize Marketing ROI
Utilize current and historical pipeline conversion rates to optimally allocate budget resources and realize maximized results.

Model Demand Generation Scenarios
Understand how every dollar invested in sales and marketing today will impact future bookings.

Pipeline Modeling

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