Customer Retention and Churn Analytics

Objectively identify customer health to quickly mitigate at-risk clients and improve gross and net retention.

Customer health is paramount to the success of any B2B company. In fact, a 10% increase in customer retention can double or triple a company’s valuation in five years. However, the majority of companies do not track a customer health score, and the few that do track customer health scores manually, which increases the risk for bias. As a result, an objective customer health score is the key to customer retention.’s Customer Retention and Churn Analysis solution removes the bias from manual customer health scores by leveraging machine learning algorithms and historical data to reveal a customer’s true health.

By automatically flagging at risk customers with granular details explaining why a customer is at risk and recommendations for how to how to address, fuels companies and customer success teams with the data and tools to proactively save clients before it is too late.

Integrated with our Sales Analytics solution suite, offers a single platform purpose-built to drive revenue and accelerate growth across customer and prospect-facing teams.


  • Churn risk-based customer health score with at-risk customer flagging
  • Retention factor ranking & weighting
  • Retention-generating customer behavior recommendations
  • Detailed customer by account profile and segmentation


Increase Customer Retention
Proactively flag and address at-risk customers, with custom recommendations for how to improve customer health.

Improve Net Promoter Scores
Identify neutral customers and give them the attention needed to convert them to company promoters.

Know How to Make Customers Happy
See what is contributing to client success and drive a scalable model that increases customer retention.

Customer Health Score

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