Revenue Strategy Focus

Reveal and analyze underlying CRM data to forecast effectively, drive sales and marketing productivity, and reduce customer churn.

While finance and RevOps leaders at private companies often face significant pressure from founders and investors to build an effective go to market strategy, many overlook the strategic insights hidden in their CRM. Because CRM systems are notorious for rigid and difficult reporting, without dedicated analysts and data scientists, it is often too difficult and time-consuming to run CRM data analytics to unlock a truly data-driven growth strategy. empowers scaling companies to make data-driven business decisions that impact revenue operations and growth. By layering machine learning and predictive analytics on top of your CRM data, takes the work out of analyzing historical data to identify key opportunities and risks for your RevOps strategy.

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Enhance Revenue Operations and Go to Market Strategy With CRM Data Analytics

Identify a Strategic Go-to-Market Plan’s historical and predictive CRM analytics provide actionable recommendations to improve revenue strategy and drive growth. Model and test the outcomes of various business cases to optimize decision-making and revenue operations. Drive data-driven and data-validated business decisions that align with business goals.

Optimize Budget and Resource Allocation analyzes sales ramp time and marketing performance to help leadership make more effective hiring, budget and strategy decisions. More effectively hire and allocate resources across your sales and marketing organizations. Accurately forecast the impact of resource investment on revenues to achieve the best ROI.

Reduce Customer Churn assesses the key drivers for customer retention and churn, alerting you to customers most at risk for cancellations. Proactively identify and address at-risk customers to prevent negative surprises.

Communicate Effectively with Executives and the Board’s platform reduces the manual and time-consuming work of data downloading and data scrubbing out of monthly and quarterly reporting. Effectively communicate the “why” behind “what happened” with the executive team and the board. Focus conversations on growth-driving strategy and tactics.

Improve the Reliability of Sales Forecasting helps RevOps leaders understand pipeline quality, model pipeline scenarios, and accurately forecast sales results. Leveraging machine learning, the platform identifies what variables are the key drivers for opportunity wins or losses and helps assess which opportunities are the most likely to close or slip in-quarter. Perform a thorough, unbiased, data-driven pipeline review for effective revenue operations.


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