Sales Funnel and Performance Analytics

Gain current and historical views of your sales funnel, conversions, and pipeline performance, as well as actionable go-to-market recommendations

It’s impossible to improve sales performance without understanding historical pipeline creation and conversion patterns. Similarly, it’s also difficult to accelerate your win rate without understanding sales activities and frequency required to close. However, because historical information is hard to come by in CRM systems and snapshots only provide a part of the picture, it’s easy to miss out on full sales potential.’s Sales Funnel and Performance module provides you with unparalleled access to historical CRM data and delivers actionable insights on day 1. helps you understand your company’s pipeline conversion metrics, sales velocity, and changes over time to more effectively conduct budget planning and revenue forecasting.

Easily communicate with your board by utilizing’s data visualization and leverage our flexible Excel add-in for forecasting and budgeting models. By layering artificial intelligence over CRM data history, provides actionable recommendations for how to improve sales performance.

With insights available in days after purchase, is the industry’s easiest and fastest CRM analytics solution.


  • Pipeline creation and conversion trends
  • Sales velocity metrics and history
  • Opportunity flow insights
  • Resource allocation recommendations
  • Flexible data delivery through Excel, Web, and APIs


Take advantage of emerging trends
Identify changes in win rates or sales cycles in customer segments to adjust marketing and sales resources in real-time for even greater market traction.

Plan and forecast with data-driven insights
Utilize current and historical data-driven insights to plan and budget for the future.

Reduce funnel drop-offs
Understand holistic company and individual account executive conversion rates to improve performance and decrease drop-offs within particular sales stages.

Win more deals
Uncover the activity types and task frequency required to win an opportunity to help account executives close more business.


Sales Funnel Analytics

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