Sales Hiring Analytics


Gain a detailed analysis of ramp timelines and productivity to optimize sales hiring and training as well as reach targets.

Industry-standard sales and SDR ramp times can be used to benchmark hiring and training, but each company is unique. If hiring budgets are completed through general estimates, there is a greater risk of under-staffing and missing sales targets or over-staffing and wasting financial resources. By automatically analyzing your sales ramp trends by region, deal size, and territory,’s Sales Hiring Analytics solution optimizes your headcount plan to help you achieve your sales target with the lowest investment. provides analytical insights from historical CRM data to provide detailed ramp, productivity, quota attainment, and attrition analytics. From there, leverages machine learning to recommend hiring decisions at the most optimal times to realize the highest ROI.

  • is the industry’s easiest and fastest CRM data analytics solution—insights are available in days.
  • Easily budget and resource plan with data-driven insights optimization models
  • Effectively communicate with your board by utilizing’s data visualization
  • Leverage’s Excel add-in to streamline forecasting and budgeting models.


  • Sales executive and SDR ramp analytics by region, deal size, territory
  • Sales executive and SDR productivity analytics by region, deal size, territory
  • Customized optimization model for hiring
  • Resource allocation recommendations
  • Scenario modeling


Achieve Sales Targets
Hire with data-driven insights and confidently meet sales targets both this and in future years.

Maximize Hiring ROI
Utilize historical productivity of ramping and ramped account executives and sales development representatives to optimally plan hiring and realize maximized results.

Model Hiring Scenarios
Understand how hiring at different levels, territories, and regions today will impact future bookings.

Sales Hiring

Try and see how Sales Hiring Analytics can help you optimize your hiring and training plan!