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Know more — and do more — about your operations, revenue, growth, and investments with real-time KPIs and predictive insights from Discern.io.


Change the way you look at data

Real-time operational metrics

By sourcing and transforming data directly from CRM, ERP, HR, MAS, and engineering systems, Discern's KPIs, best practices, and automated advice help you run a better company and improve valuation.

Uncover risk factors and hidden opportunities

By layering artificial intelligence over CRM data history, Discern provides actionable recommendations for how to improve sales and marketing performance.

Future growth planning

See into the future with recommendations and scenario modeling, allowing for both early course correction and long-term planning around pipeline, hiring, marketing spend and revenue projection.

Our revenue analytics suite

Marketing Analytics

Lower customer acquisition costs and increase marketing impact through campaign performance and conversion rate analytics.

Sales Funnel

Understand your company’s pipeline conversion metrics, sales velocity, coverage ratios, and changes over time in a clear, concise format.

Pipeline Modeling

Visualize how various pipeline scenarios will impact sales results by layering artificial intelligence over your historical data.

Opportunity Management

Get a clear picture of each opportunity’s history as well as an objective, AI-based evaluation of the likelihood of “closed won” within the quarter.

Team & Productivity

Manage your team easily with early warning signals. Automatically analyze your team’s pipeline coverage, pipeline creation, ramp, and capacity planning.

Retention & Health

Understand your customers’ upsell potential, pricing capacity, churn potential, and actively mange renewals.

Discern.io Analytics eBook

Discern.io leverages deep domain expertise in CRM, data science, and financial services to deliver benchmark data and analytics solutions. Our analytics suite empowers companies to optimize their revenue and planning strategies.

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Accurately Forecast Revenue

Discern.io gives revenue leaders real-time insights into sales pipeline. With granular pipeline performance metrics filtered by granular attributes such as lead source or account executive, Discern.io reveals how much pipeline should be created across the company to efficiently and effectively hit sales targets. Watch our video to learn more.

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