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Welcome to the future of data analytics and business intelligence.

Free your data from rigid, siloed SaaS systems

Access cross-functional metrics in real-time

By sourcing and transforming data directly from CRM, Finance, Marketing and HR systems, Discern's KPI calculations, trends analysis, and automated advice help customers operate more effectively and efficiently.

Uncover risk factors and hidden opportunities

By layering artificial intelligence over performance history, Discern provides actionable recommendations for how to improve key metrics and hit OKRs.

Streamline go-to-market planning

See into the future with customizable scenario modeling, allowing for both early course correction and long-term planning around pipeline, hiring, marketing spend and revenue projection.


The Discern Finance Council

Connect with senior Finance professionals working in the software and data industries to network, share knowledge, discuss industry trends and collectively solve challenges.

Know More. Operate Smarter. Perform Better.

Discern helps companies holistically improve performance and ultimately increase valuations through powerful KPI calculations, industry benchmarks and RO&I solutions.


Monitor company-wide KPIs with the ability to drill into contributing factors and pinpoint the source of performance speed bumps.


Access real-time industry benchmarks to understand how your company’s KPIs stack up against a dynamic cohort of peers.


Take a hands-on approach to revenue growth with tailored revenue plans, pipeline analytics and automated advice backed by AI.

About Discern

By ingesting, transforming and analyzing information hidden in functional-specific SaaS systems, Discern empowers customers to make smarter business decisions, faster.

Let's Uncover The Story Behind Your Performance Data